3 Of The Best Flower & Greenery Choices For Home Staging

1. Natives

Natives are incredibly hardy and long lasting.  Natives can last up to 4 weeks if you change the water regularly. Some of the best are Proteas, Warratahs, Geraldton Wax, Billy Buttons and eucalyptus leaves.

2. Peony Roses, Renunculus & Hydrangeas

These flowers are seasonal - usually around in spring/ summer with peonies only available for a few months of the year but if you can find them, these beauties are worth the investment. Stick to soft colours such as white and pink.  These blooms give any space an elegant feel, especially a dining room or master bedroom.

3. Greenery

Economical, long lasting and tasteful, simply styled greenery can sometimes be the best choice. Bringing the outside in can create a sense of calm and can help an interior feel less staged than some put-together floral arrangements.  You don’t need a lot of it, a few leaves in a clear glass vessel can look stunning on a coffee table, bathroom cabinet or kitchen bench.  A few of the best green stems to use are palm, monstera, magnolia and gum.

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